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Can I block visitors from my country?

Yes, you can. You can block visitors from any country.

Do you accept studios/agent?

Yes of course. We accept any studio. You will get all the money from your models ‘work and you will have to pay your models yourself.

What do I need to start to work as a webcam model?

If you have a computer and high-speed internet and a webcam, you have all the required technology necessary to work with us. Our language preference is English, from regions of Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the like. We also require that you be able to provide two forms of legal identification, it’s the law! There are no exceptions to this last requirement

When and how do I get paid?

Models are paid twice a month. This is dictated by the model’s preference. Models also have the choice of receiving their payments through bank transfer or electronic transfer (paypal). The choice is in the hands of each model.

How many hours must I work?

You get to choose how much time you spend with your online clients. We do not live under a rock and understand that models have lives outside of their career. Many of our models hold other jobs or have children to raise. You can be a college student or a taxi driver and still be a model with us. You should understand, however, that the more time you can dedicate to online conversation the more you can make!

What percentage is for the model?

If a model has friends who are referred they can earn over 80% of their rate. Depending on if the model is exclusive to our site, how much time they spend online and other factors. In the industry today, we pay out the highest rates.

How much does a user pay?

Each model has the right to create their rates. It is totally in their control. The rates are set as high or as low as the model feels they are worth. A model can even, on the fly, change the rate for preferred customers. It is very easy and speedy to change your rates.

How much can I earn?

Webcam models work their own hours, so it is all up to the model how much money they can make. The factors that the pay rates are based on include: popularity of the model, how often the model is available online, how the model is promoted by himself or herself. Of course there are always questions about how to become a top money maker on the service. Top earners with Olalacam honestly make in the six-figure range!
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Become a Webcam Model and Start Making Serious $$

Currently our site is seeking out models for our online audience. No one is expected to do more than they believe is comfortable or morally right. Making money by being a model takes a lot more than showing most of your naked skin, and we have proved that over and over. Our specialization is mainstream and non-nude style of webcam production. If you want to work for the webcam program with class, come join our team.
If you have a high-speed internet connection, and are looking to become a webcam model we have precious few requirements.
If you possess the following you should check us out:
Are attractive in the face
Have a physically fit physique
Have a fun-loving personality
Like being in front of a camera
Are over 18 years old
All you have to do is entertain. Traffic and billing are our responsibility. We provide various methods of payment, including Check, Direct Deposit, or Wire Transfer. The models who work thorough us make an average of $3.00 to$7.00 per minute in a private chat! With referrals each model has the opportunity to earn over 70% payout!

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Become a High Class Webcam Model

Internet’s finest models work with Olalacam. Our team have been in the internet cam market since 2007. Representing models of higher caliber, we concentrate more on the inner beauty and class of our models than showing a lot of skin. Television, print media, and the internet are all touting the degree of professionalism that Olalacam provides to clients. Consider joining the webcam girls team right away

How does it work?

If you are employed by Olalacam, you can rest assured that being a webcam model will be easy and professional. Tons of money is right at your fingertips if you have the technology to fulfill your part of the contract: that you have a computer, high speed internet connection, and a web cam. Apply to become a model, and if you are accepted (we’re particular) you will be given all the resources necessary to succeed as a webcam model.

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Webcam Model Wanted

- Our best models earn 2 000$ per week!
- You are your won boss!
- You create your own rates (0,90 to 9$/minute)
- You work when you want.
- You work from your home.
- You can block countries to keep your anonymity.
- You start to earn 40% commissions of all the money spent by your customers. But you can earn more, up to 70%! We have challenge in order to help models to earn more money.
- You are paid by Paypal or wire bank transfer every 2 weeks.
- Registration is free, simple and fast.
- We will ask you the scan of your ID (passport or national ID card) in order to control you are older than 18 years old. This is the law.

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Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
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